Day 36: Break Day in Stone Lake, WI

Wes Malinchock

It was a pretty mellow break day as far as break days go. We were able to sleep in and get a nice, easy start to the morning. I was finally forced out of my tent when it started to get warm outside and my rain fly began to trap the heat from the sun, turning my tent into a sauna.

The afternoon called for rain and we decided to head down the street to a coffee shop, The Whistle Punk, to wait it out inside. We spent most of the day there and were able to catch up with family (a lot of people out here recently have told us to call our mothers) and enjoyed some Wisconsin brats and great coffee. As I write this we are enjoying a beautiful sunset over Stone Lake, the second cleanest lake in Wisconsin, and being eaten alive by mosquitos.

In my head I think this was really more of a teaser break day. In 6 days we plan on being in Petoskey, Michigan to meet up with one of our friends and take a well deserved double break day. It has been a long term goal of ours since Washington, and it will feel great to finally make it. Even though we have technically broken the halfway point of the trip already, I think that we will really feel like we are at the tipping point when we make it there. It was a good chance to rest our legs and get out of the rain for the day, but I feel ready to take on tomorrow and start our final push!

At the biker bunkhouse a few days ago we crossed paths with another group of cyclists headed east to west. One of them has created a web app at where you can visualize your bike tours if you log them daily via Strava like we do. I have set up an account for myself there, and you can view our trip HERE daily as we make progress!