Day 35: Cumberland, WI to Stone Lake, WI

Evan Malinchock

Break days are somewhat holy to our bike trip. Time almost doesn't exist in the traditional sense, instead we measure time and distance until we no longer have to bike. I'm saying this so when we all unanimously decided to forfeit our break day this morning for another early wake up with another 50 miles it meant something about this trip, who we are as riders, and the experiences we've picked up on the road.

After finding out that the forecast has only worsened for Thursday, we all groaned as we saddled up. None of the groans were as loud as mine when I reached for my wallet only for it to have been lost (or forgotten) at a Family Dollar the day before. This held me up an extra thirty minutes as Wes and Brian enjoyed fresh pastries and coffee at the local co-op down the street.

After downing some coffee and a cream croissant we hit the road on a slightly altered route that took us on some of the most fun twisty and windy back roads that Wisconsin had to offer. We rode through tunnels of trees along lonely lakes for miles to pop out at the small town of Stone Lake.


Stone Lake was never even a consideration to us, being 14 miles outside of our intended destination of Hayward. But this charming little town reeled us in at Marie's Hideaway, a bar and grill with some amazing grub and even better service. The folks at Marie's (mainly their hilarious and generous owner, Frank) offered up a patch of land behind the restaurant to camp in and then told us dinner was on the house! After which they suggested we head down to the lake a block behind our now campsite, to enjoy the 2nd cleanest lake in all of Wisconsin.

Frank and the Bike Loud crew after dinner at Marie’s

Frank and the Bike Loud crew after dinner at Marie’s

After the much needed baths and nourishing foods Frank joined us for a few photos and told us to make a campfire our by our tents to cap the night off. We have been so fortunate to have met the kind souls that have given us so much out of the kindness of their hearts. I just want to say that their generosity is not going unnoticed and that I hope I can even dream to pay it forward in my lifetime.