The Dukes of Hazard

Booneville KY to Hazard KY - 48 miles

by Dave Hardy

A dense fog settled in over the town of Booneville, so dense that we were forced to wait until 9 o'clock to get started. One minute we had zero visibility, and it was just too dangerous to ride, and the next, the sun burned through and we were on the road to Hazard. 

We had three stiff climbs, and then descended into Buckhorn for a break.
A guy there told us the next three hills were the hardest of the whole trip, but the boys went right up them and we had some crazy descents hitting close to 40mph.
With about ten miles to go we got on HWY 15S and headed to Hazard, enduring  crazy traffic and a shoulder full of debris. How we made it through that stretch without a flat was beyond me.


The minister gives a good overview of the towns socioeconomic issues.  

The minister gives a good overview of the towns socioeconomic issues.  


Ed had reached out to a Presbyterian minister, Ellen Peach, at the First Presbyterian Church of Hazard, and she met us at the church with open arms.

She talked to the boys about the economic and social challenges that had hit the town since the collapse of the coal industry. The church now plays a major role in helping the town through its challenges. Ellen graciously offered a cottage for the boys. We have bunk beds, a shower and air conditioning. On top of that, the church has a monthly community dinner and we timed it perfectly : corn, green beans, tomatoes- all from the local farmers market! 
A great way to rest up before going off the map and heading south to Virginia. We're exactly a week out with lots of miles to g