Road to Grand Teton

Grant Village (Yellowstone) to Colter Bay (Grand Tetons)- 75 miles

Karl Murphy 


Evening view from Colter Bay. So peaceful.  

Evening view from Colter Bay. So peaceful.  


Yellowstone Lake to Colter Bay/Grand Tetons

Herds of Elk and yesterday.  

We passed several elk on way out this am and no one was focused on them...we are not stopping unless we see a bear (black or grizzly, we are not picky) or a Moose. 

We have a short 38ish miles to include another trip over the continental divide today.

Ed and I use to go to Borland Road in Orange County to "do hill training..." 

Today we chase 16 yr olds through 8000' passes over the Continental Divide...

As we enjoyed our early lunch of Triscuits and cheddar cheese over looking the Snake River we discussed how the climbing has become a relative non-event...I wonder how long that fitness level remains post trip?

We entered the Grand Teton Park just after noon racing down hill to beat a thunder storm attempting to following us down the mountain...

Yesterdays rain/hail/traffic/1000' descent left an impression on the whole crew "we don't want to do that again..."

We are camping at the Colter Bay Campground tonight...notwithstanding the incredible views of the Grand Tetons...we all agree this place is a bit over-civilized, over campered, over-weight and generally more  Wallyworld than T845 prefers...

On the way into our Wally World camp site we did have a red fox cross our path...we begged him/her for a photo but it was apparently late for lunch...and ran off into the woods...

After setting up our soaking wet tents from last night...We decided to embrace the suck of civilization and spent the afternoon doing laundry, cleaning bikes and relaxing...

Scout relaxation includes equal parts cards, chess, netflix and aimless wandering....

Tomorrow will be my last few miles with T845 before I catch a flight back to reality.  The boys are kind enough to invite me up and over the second highest pass of the entire trip - Togwotee Pass thru the Continental an ear popping 9,658'....which isn't really all that bad when you start at about 7,000'

More tomorrow