More wind...

Muddy Gap WY to Saratoga WY - 83 miles.   

By David Hardy 



Our lakeside campsite in Saratoga WY.  What a peaceful site.  

Our lakeside campsite in Saratoga WY.  What a peaceful site.  

 Fine breakfast dining at the convenience store, and we were off to Saratoga-83 miles away. Beautiful but steep roads with nothing but prairie dogs and pronghorns.

Around 9am the world tilted and the wind started blowing again- this time at a 3/4 angle.
We didn't have a single flat all day, and lunch found us entering Rawlings for the obligatory Subway.
Then we had to get on the interstate for about 14 miles, but the shoulder was wide and we did fine.
Once off the interstate we pulled into a gas station where I talked to a woman with two teeth who was headed to Vegas. God help us.
Back on the road with serious climbing. We crossed the Continental Divide twice! The wind blowing right down our gullets.
Finally about 6pm we found Saratoga Lake campground. We pitched tents by a beautiful lake, then rode into town for dinner. Saratoga has two geothermal springs that are in the middle of town. Folks flock to them. The boys got a good soak in the cooler pool-103 degrees. The other, at 112, was a bit toasty.
In tents by 10:30, everyone exhausted, but the boys did GREAT.