Wheels Up and Good Omens

Packed and ready to go  

Packed and ready to go  


After 7 months of planning, training, meeting, debating, presenting, responding, war gaming, packing, fundraising, and yes a little bit of praying, the panniers are packed and adventure is set to begin. 


Steve Rothwell (assistant leader #1) and I are flying out to Portland a day ahead of the bike crew. Waiting for my 5am pick up from Steve, Lyn  and I sit on the front porch, saying our pre dawn goodbyes. 

It's a very odd feeling kissing your wife goodbye knowing that it's a 3,900 mile bike ride until you reunite in Wrightsville Beach, come mid August. 

 Looking up, one of the Owls that calls our yard home sat quietly a mere ten feet away, watching us in the dark. It stared at us as the Rothwell's car arrived, never taking flight. Lyn  looked at me and said, "Now that's  a good sign."


Steve and I toss the bag of crew gear on to the scale. I comment to the attendant, "I paid for 50 pounds of gear, I wonder what this bag actually weighs?"

Looking at the scale, we all smile.  49 pounds. Another good omen. 

Wheels up!

As the plane lifted off precisely on time, I looked out the window writing the first word that comes to my mind:


Calm. Now that's the best omen of all.