Day 3: Coupeville, WA to Sedro Woolley, WA

Brian Richardson

Lots of people ask us what we do on a cross-country bike trip if it rains. Today we found out the answer: bike in the rain.

Our rain jackets cover up the sweet Bike Loud jerseys Evan designed

Our rain jackets cover up the sweet Bike Loud jerseys Evan designed

Right as we saddled up to leave this morning, it began to sprinkle. The rain started off light enough to feel pleasant on the uphills when we were working hard and bearable on the downhills when the wind picked up. The road took us over some rolling hills and along the water and made for a gorgeous morning ride. We passed by a group of four other cyclists who started near Seattle and are headed along our route towards New Hampshire. There’s a good chance we will run into them again soon.

10 miles in, we stopped for breakfast at the Oak Harbor Bagel Factory (10/10, would highly recommend if anyone is in the area). Some more rolling hills took us up Deception Pass where a scenic bridge took us from Whidbey Island to Fidalgo Island. Soon after, the rain and wind began to pick up which, along with the crisp 53 degree temperature, brought on a deep cold. The remedy for this kind of chill is to stop at a gas station, stick your hands under the warm hand-dryer for 5 minutes, whip up some hot oatmeal, and hit the road again.

15 more miles of wet, cold, riding got us to Sedro Woolley where we set up our tents in the front yard of a generous host. They let us take a hot shower in their house and we took our mud-caked clothes to the laundromat. The rain has let up for now and we’re ready to get to riding again tomorrow morning.