Day 44: Break Day in Petoskey, MI (part II)

Brian Richardson

It has been said on this bike trip by Wes time and time again "a double break day just hit different.” This could not be truer. Waking up after a prior day of sleep is a surreal experience that has been lost on us for some time.

I woke up with my air mattress fully deflated at 7 but I couldn't be bothered because I was rested and did not have to do any miles today. With an absence of plans we decided a day out on the boat and water skiing was well worth undertaking. Brian was the first and after a few dramatic wipe outs he improved exponentially, and Wes followed him with an amazing performance for me back on the boat as he came out to us as a natural water skier!

After not too long it started to rain, so we turned it in and immediately packed in Alex's little tiny VW Golf to go see the new Spiderman movie and then to the grocery store to buy groceries for the days of biking ahead of us.

Alex and Pumpkin rest up

Alex and Pumpkin rest up

Today was very bitter sweet because this was our last day with Wes as he's departing for home and a job tomorrow. No doubt that this will change the dynamic of the trip, but nonetheless I'm very excited for this new chapter of the bike trip to unfold in the coming days!