Day 25: Richardton, ND to Bismarck, ND

Evan Malinchock

The Abbey was still fast asleep as we woke at the even earlier time than usual of 5:30. We woke up extra early to account for the time change that was just down the road not more than ten miles from where we slept.

Misty morning ride

Misty morning ride

Our groggy eyes and tired legs were welcomed to a beautiful sun rise ride where there was a cool mist rising across the plains. We could see antelopes galloping through fields and over hills. The morning was pure beauty that was followed up with amazing riding through sleepy towns that were closed on this Sunday, rolling "hills" that us North Carolinians would consider mountains, and pastures of cows seemingly judging us as we zipped on by.

North Dakota has been such a pleasant surprise in every single way. The towns have been so hospitable and the people have been absurdly kind at any given point. The scenery was something I would have never expected, over every crest of every hill there's another new wonder, from painted canyons (or as Brian calls them "nooks n' crannies"), to mountain ranges. We've experienced such natural diversity and beauty from a state that is often made fun of for being so boring, and once again my presumptions have been shattered by this amazing trip.