Day 14: Eureka, MT to Whitefish, MT

Evan Malinchock

Waking up before a break day always seems to be the height of that day. Eureka, Montana was a little town that was so small that our group of three felt like the largest crowd in town at any time. I packed up my tent up and hopped over to the gas station for a quick coffee and bathroom break before a good five hours in the saddle.

The second I stepped out of the gas station the wind seemed to shift and pick up, and more so Wes and Brian took off about 30 minutes before me. After an hour of laboured pedaling I caught up to Wes on a side road and we made it to a town for breakfast. Little did we know Brian took a longer route that he claims climbed up a mountain and added an extra three miles.

After a filling breakfast we set off into the wind for another grueling four hours of Montana cycling. We passed lakes and rode through forests, I think. My eyes were either fixed on the road immediately under my front tire, at the back of Wes or Brian's jersey (where the map of Montana seemed to constantly mock me), or staring blankly ahead of me as I pedal mashed to Whitefish.

Big storm rolling into Whitefish

Big storm rolling into Whitefish

Once we pulled up to our airBnB, the sky darkened, so we piled into the condo to take naps and choose our rooms!